Snake Candlesticks

Each are made uniquely and range from sizes ( Around 10.0cm Hx 5.5cm W)


Candlesticks are made to order- so will take around 2 weeks to be made and go through the firing process to finally be sent to you! 


Hand-made and painted Porcelain.


This organic shaped candlestick was one of my favorite to make. I used a different type of technique to get the snakes to look like a etching, made doing printmaking.

I first put a layer of wax down once the shape had dried, then etched into the layer of wax my snake shape. The wax repels the glaze, allowing me to paint over top the whole candlestick to get the black to stick into the grooves I had etched.

Starting next with a bisque fire (first fire), I then glaze the pieces and give them their last fire which included with a glaze,  gives them their shine.


If you love this design but not the size, send me a message and I can make you a commissioned set!

Snake Candlesticks