Silence of the Swans

Silence of the Swans


Silence of the Swans

900 x 600mm

Acrylic on prepped MDF


With the delicate and beauty of a swan, they represent grace, love, trust and loyalty. When painting these swans I focused on the colours reflected in the feathers, the delicacy of each brush stroke adding to the movement and individuality of each feather. 

I added the red ribbon, as a symbol used throughout history in art but most notably used within the Renaissance period. The use of red within a painting would direct the viewers eye to move around the painting, following the bright colour to observe all the details within the painting you might not usually pick up.

The ribbon winds around the swans, bringing your eye around their faces, bodies and feet, to make you focus on each individual Swan, their bodies, faces, and feet. Instead of just looking at it all together. The red works well with the colour of the beaks that split the painting into thirds, the faces, bodies then feet.


I hope this painting gives you a calmness, and serenity as it did for me while painting it.

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