Acrylic on Plywood

600 x 600 mm


Completed: Jan 2021



Still life painting has been a big part of the art world for centries. When representing farm life, you can usually find a Hare and a Pheasant being represented, shown within a setting with a gun or other sources of food such as bread, or even hunting dogs showing their catch.

I have taken this idea but stripped it back, focusing on just the Pheasant and Hare, giving them the main stage.

The exposed plywood gives a modern take on the still life Idea, as if the animals where hanging up against the wall in your own house.

Living in Blenheim hunting is a sport taken seriously, with Hares and Pheasants taking up weekends to get away and enjoy the outdoors. Being surrounded by this I hope to represent not only the animals, but the memories of weekends away and fun adventures in the outdoors.




A good day Hunting