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Goddess Paintings

Through these paintings, I work through a more female orientated origin. Usually artworks from this mythological genre are painted by men for men and focus on the downfall or punishments that women were ‘inflicting’ on them. However, after completing Classics papers at University and my own personal research, I found that women were very different from how they are so often portrayed.

Throughout my works I am wanting to reinvent these female goddesses as their true selves and as they deserve to be seen, standing as strong and confident women to the viewer.

This leads onto another side within the paintings. Although I’m trying to bring light to these amazing women and bring their stories into a contemporary view, I am also bringing in my love for animals. With the mix of animals portrayed I have included mainly endangered creatures. I am trying to let these animals live in harmony together and with these mythological women, which is how they should be living and thriving in today’s world. Being endangered they may soon become mythical creatures to us as well. With my love of fur patterns and textures, I include these creatures as a stylistic and a conceptual way to express myself.

I hope that these works will create a spark of interest in the classical world as it is full of such wonderful and interesting stories. The ideas from these myths surround our everyday in ways we don’t even notice, through modern film and television to popular books. With my depictions of these passages, I hope that the younger generations as well as the older generations will be able to see them as more than just another classical painting and give these representations a new life in this modern world.

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