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About Phoebe Senior

Born in Christchurch the second daughter of four, Phoebe loves the chaos of life and whatever is thrown her way. Growing up in Christchurch, attending Rangi Ruru Girls' School, her love for art took off. Allowing her to try new mediums and find a love for painting. After a three year stint in Auckland, soaking up the scenes and life of artists around her, Phoebe completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Classics at Canterbury University.

Phoebe loves to travel and traveling around europe as a young girl, soaked up the mythology and history of the Old (particularly Bernini, Caravaggio and Davinci), while still studying new and upcoming artists to create unique art from using the old and the New. After a 7 week stint overseas in 2022 she is ready to create new and exciting works once again influenced by the great masters.

Phoebe grew up with an obsession of animals, always drawing them and wanting to own one of each furry creature she could find. Eventually getting a cat who she named Kahlo (after her great love for Frida Kahlo), and a Lamb she tends to in her backyard, called Mac, named after the singer Mac Miller, Phoebe also loves to play music of all genres when she paints. 

Not only music but Phoebe loves to listen to crime podcasts especially, and has an extensive range of TV shows under her belt. 


Phoebe is represented by Chambers Art Gallery in Christchurch and Shopology also in Christchurch.

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