About Phoebe Senior

Born in Christchurch the second daughter of four, Phoebe completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Classics at Canterbury University (plus a stint at Elam Art School in Auckland).

She currently lives in sunny Blenheim, New Zealand where she has set up her studio. Phoebe has travelled extensively, soaking up the mythology and history of the Old (particularly Bernini and Davinci plus a deep admiration for Frida Kahlo), to create unique art for the New.

Phoebe grew up with an obsession of animals, always drawing them and wanting to own one of each furry creature she could find.

However when Phoebe was about 12, her aunty and uncle came back from a trip to Africa with photos of Elephants, Lions and wildebeest. From there her love only grew.

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